OCEAN ACADEMY-The Place Where Technology And Education Meets

Ocean Academy

Ocean Academy – computer education and consulting company, a pioneer name in IT Education, software development and IT services industry and we trained more than 5000 Students. From the beginning, the Ocean was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for the students and clients. It’s the only place where technology and excellence meets

We have enabled the new technology in different sectors and still enabling and promoting the latest technology among the students and clients. We are also improving the quality of learning among the students and their life.

We recognize the important of students and clients needs and fulfill with the best quality of services always. Improving the ability among the students to adopt with new technology and also their capability to go through with it.We believe in developing professionals who believe in themselves and are equipped with the latest state of the art in their respective fields, professionals who are confident and can compete in the challenging world.

We have inaugurated our technology building path on 2010. It is one of the organization with 9001:2008 certification. We continuously strive and aim to be an innovative at all the path we move and centre of excellence to improve the quality of learning and research.


We are committ'd to improve the quality of education and standard of institution by reviewing the training methodologies periodically.


We believe its Teaching.Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.


The starting point of all achievement is desire..Keep this constantly in mind.Weak desire brings weak results; just as a small fire make a small amount of heat....


Our vision is to KINDLE THE FLAME within you but not to FILL THE VESSEL within....

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